Friday, December 11, 2020


Thank you to all the volunteers helping to get our 2020/21 ski season up and running! It has been a busy fall and there is plenty more to do before we will be caught up. 
As our skis start to hit the snow, some thanks are in order.
Thank you Krissy and Best Route Productions for the new logo and for the video to be unveiled soon!
Thank you Erik Route and Alaska Rivers Company for getting the 2020/21 season started by laying the first corduroy in our area on the Quartz Creek side of town and for your consistent generosity and efforts over the years with grooming and maintenance.
Thank you Cooper Landing Senior Citizens Corporation Inc. for the grant which funded new equipment and repair parts. (More info on this soon.)
Thank you Cooper Landing Community Club for supporting our efforts and helping us navigate the consolidation of our committees. 
Thank you United States Forest Service for helping connect our community to our shared public lands and helping foster this important winter recreation program. 
Thank you Alaska Wildland Adventures for donating vehicles to move equipment and space to do needed maintenance. 
Thank you Elijah Spray for doing the early season maintenance and equipment move, site preparation for our equipment storage at the Russian, and for the first grooming at the Russian.
Thank you Sandra and Ed Holsten for spearheading this program over a decade ago and your countless hours of volunteer efforts to steward it over that time. 
And thank you to all the users of our shared winter trails. You are why we are here and seeing you happy, healthy, and recreating is incredibly satisfying. Keep getting out there and enjoying the resource.
We have much more in store and more to share, but for today; make sure to head on down to the Russian River Campground and take advantage of the fresh corduroy Elijah laid down over the last couple evenings. 
David Story
CLCC Trails Committee Chair

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