Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The new roller/compacter from CLSCCI helped pack in the edges and knock back some ridges today at Devils.

It also helped pack a steeper cutoff loop across the middle of the lollipop and a gradual mini loop near the bottom of the lollipop for those looking for a shorter segments to add or a way to subtract from the full 2 mile loop.

Temps were not as warm as in town but snow was softening by afternoon. It should firm up nicely tonight.

Monday, December 28, 2020

 Seward Nordic Ski Club

Seward Ski for Small Businesses

A virtual 12 stage challenge with one week to complete each stage. Each stage will be a relatively easy classic Nordic ski that would be appropriate for any skill level. The event is simple. First, register. The cost is free but there is a donation page. Second, ski the stage challenge. Third, let us know you completed the ski so we can enter you in the stage raffle. If you're the lucky winner, you'll be mailed a gift card that supports our local small businesses.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Elijah packaged up some fresh corduroy for you to to unwrap at the Russian River Campground. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Ed rolled the Russian River Campground and Erik rolled Quartz Creek area today to prep for the anticipated snows to come. Happy skiing!

Thursday, December 17, 2020


New Territory

    One of the biggest developments for our 2020/21 season has come about through our continuing partnership with the United States Forest Service
    The Seward Ranger District's vision to improve recreation resources in the area has expanded the areas our volunteer crew can groom snow trails for non-motorized recreation to include an area near the Devils Creek Trailhead. This area was the site of a 2017 timber sale managed by the USFS that also provided significant amounts of cut and decked firewood to the community. 
 It affords some great views, good sun exposure during our short days, and now, the opportunity to lay some corduroy down to create some snow trails. 
    We will continue to work the USFS as we determine which routes work best but for now we are following a loop many locals have been skiing since 2017. 
    A big thanks to the Cooper Landing Senior Citizens Corporation for the grant this year which allowed us to purchase a second roller/compactor for the Cooper Landing Community Club's Trails Committee. This roller/compactor will be used here and in the Quartz/Crescent Creek area to help capture any freshies that fall and keep building our base.
    A big thanks to Erik and Alaska Rivers Company for spending the last couple days prepping and packing this inaugural loop. 

So get out there and enjoy our shared resource on our public lands!

Friday, December 11, 2020


Thank you to all the volunteers helping to get our 2020/21 ski season up and running! It has been a busy fall and there is plenty more to do before we will be caught up. 
As our skis start to hit the snow, some thanks are in order.
Thank you Krissy and Best Route Productions for the new logo and for the video to be unveiled soon!
Thank you Erik Route and Alaska Rivers Company for getting the 2020/21 season started by laying the first corduroy in our area on the Quartz Creek side of town and for your consistent generosity and efforts over the years with grooming and maintenance.
Thank you Cooper Landing Senior Citizens Corporation Inc. for the grant which funded new equipment and repair parts. (More info on this soon.)
Thank you Cooper Landing Community Club for supporting our efforts and helping us navigate the consolidation of our committees. 
Thank you United States Forest Service for helping connect our community to our shared public lands and helping foster this important winter recreation program. 
Thank you Alaska Wildland Adventures for donating vehicles to move equipment and space to do needed maintenance. 
Thank you Elijah Spray for doing the early season maintenance and equipment move, site preparation for our equipment storage at the Russian, and for the first grooming at the Russian.
Thank you Sandra and Ed Holsten for spearheading this program over a decade ago and your countless hours of volunteer efforts to steward it over that time. 
And thank you to all the users of our shared winter trails. You are why we are here and seeing you happy, healthy, and recreating is incredibly satisfying. Keep getting out there and enjoying the resource.
We have much more in store and more to share, but for today; make sure to head on down to the Russian River Campground and take advantage of the fresh corduroy Elijah laid down over the last couple evenings. 
David Story
CLCC Trails Committee Chair