Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Eastern Peninsula Ski Challenge
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Date: Saturday, 02/22/2020

Is to ski all five beautifully groomed scenic trails on the Eastern Kenai Peninsula, driving between areas and ending at Sunrise Lodge, Cooper Landing. The estimated total distance is about 24.5K but this is not a race. People in training can ski more, others may ski less.

Bear Lake, mile 8, Seward, 8.5 K - START on Old Saw Mill Drive at 10:00am
Divide Ski Area, mile 12, Seward Highway, 3K
Trail River Campground, 5K
Quartz Creek Trail at Crescent Creek Campground, 3K
Russian River Campground, 5K - FINISH by
Go to Sunrise Lodge for Wrap-Up Event

Keep in Mind
Carpool if possible
Ski at each area for about 45 minutes or less in order to finish by 5pm
Bring your own water, food, change of clothing and money for end meal


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