Monday, December 17, 2018

Snow! It is here! And with it, the first roll of the season.

Conditions are soft so stick with your classics. The roller just knocks down the deep snow consolidating it to less deep snow but can't condition it like the groomer.

A couple gates were still locked so only the main road and loops west of and including Silver Salmon are rolled.

Rumor is there may be work truck traffic to the trailhead for some time yet so don't despair if it gets tracked up. Just encourage any related workers to leave a lane for us if possible.

Also, it is deep snow and just a few of us doing the work. If you know and appreciate the skiing please consider donating some sweat equity with a little shovel work to keep equipment free of snow and ice or some cash to the Community Club to help pay for fuel and equipment maintenance. Make sure to note Nordic skiing with your donation.

That is all for now. Fingers crossed for more to come. Get out there and ski!


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