Tuesday, November 08, 2011

First 2011 Grooming Report

Welcome skiers! After our first snow fall of the season, we got the grooming equipment staged over to the RRCG, we started rolling and packing the road all the way into Grayling Parking lot. We haven't packed all the campground loops yet as the gates are locked. We'll get them opened shortly. Also, we're grooming a "new" trail. Before you get to the main gate to the campground, there is another road to your left. Follow this up to another gate and you'll see a groomed road to your left. This old logging road goes for a mile and dead-ends above Gwinn's Lodge. Nice gentle hills; adequate for both classical and skate skiing. We've also got 2 new groomers, Natalia A. and Katie F.; thanks to both of the them. Enjoys the conditions; more snow would help!!

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