Saturday, February 12, 2011

Russian River Falls

The Kachemak Bay Ski Club graciously loaned us a drag. We widened and groomed the trail to the Falls. Skate skiing is feasible, but best to make the 2+ mile trip on classical skiis. Beautiful ski.

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  1. The groomers packed and drug the trail to Russian Falls yesterday. Itwas very good skiing but watch a couple spots under the big trees forice and the last 1/4 mile has some ice. It can be skated but I wouldrecommend either track or metal edges. Trail is a little narrow inspots for good skating. Don't be discouraged by the icy trail fromthe parking lot to the Russian Falls trailhead, it's well worth theeffort. Russian Campground was VERY ICY. Not good skiing. Groomersare going to hit it tomorrow afternoon so stay tuned. PS If you go up to the Falls, take a hand saw with you or a branchtrimmer and help cut some of the alder branches that are"tresspassing" on the trail.Also if you go beyond the bridge there are traps. It's marked butheads up. It is not groomed or packed beyond the bridge and there areavalanche chutes so use the winter trail.